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How To: Use Your ScanMe ‘Status’ & ‘About’ Text

ScanMe offers users the ability to set both a “status” and also some more detailed, static, information about themselves in the “About” section of the Scan Page. Some users have contacted us unsure of the role of each text box - so we just wanted to make sure it was really clear!

You should think of your ScanMe Status box like your Status Update on Facebook, or a tweet that you would post on Twitter. In fact, you can link this status box to either Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, so when you update your status on Facebook, or post an update on LinkedIn or Twitter,  this box will always automatically be up to date!

If you would like to keep your ScanMe status update separate from your other social networks, this is also really easy thought the Status tab of your Scan Page controls. 

The “About” section on your Scan Page is for static information, or information that doesn’t change regularly - this could be instructions about what you would like people to do when they scan your QR code, or you can see on the example above, I have used it to tell people where I work and what I do. 

So, to get the most out of ScanMe, make sure that both your Status and About text is up to date! Happy Scanning! 

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Control, Connect & Track With ScanMe

We are always listening to our users, and looking for ways to improve the ScanMe experience. A main feature that many of our users were looking for was a was a way to know when their ScanMe code was scanned, as well as the ability to distinguish whether it was a ScanMe t-shirt, email signature, avatar or business card that was scanned.  
So, we listened and we have responded with a detailed column in each user’s Scan History showing “what” has been scanned. For items purchased or created through ScanMe, for example a t-shirt or an email signature, this will show up as the specific item that has been scanned – through the unique use of our product recognition technology.

Due to this product recognition technology, when scanning activity involving a ScanMe product appears on the homepage the product that has been scanned will appear alongside the scan data.

To enable our users to see when they were scanned, we are also ‘time-tagging’ the scan posts as they appear on the ScanMe homepage. This means that alongside who has been scanned, and what has been scanned, we will also show how long ago the scan happened.

We are continually adapting ScanMe to enhance your user experience; so if you have a suggestion or request then just leave a comment, or send us an email!

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14 Million Americans Scanned QR Codes in June 2011

Digital World specialists, comScor, Inc released a study on mobile QR code scanning earlier this week: with some interesting revelations. This study found that, in June 2011 alone, 14 million mobile users in the U.S (that is 6.2% of the total mobile audience) scanned a QR Code using their mobile device.

The demographic study of those who scanned QR Codes using their mobile devices showed that the mobile user who scanned a QR Code was more likely to be male and between 18-34.

This is a great leap forward in the world of QR Codes, showing that the technology is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon, with a growing audience choosing to scan QR codes with their Smartphones. At ScanMe we had already noticed a growing number of our users codes being scanned and this latest study confirms an ever-growing user base for QR Code technology.

We’re excited at the growing rate of QR Code technology, are you? Let us know how you use your QR Code either in the comments section here or on our Facebook page

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How To: Add A Custom Link To Your Scan Page

One question that we’re commonly asked by ScanMe users is how they can connect their scan page to their Facebook Business Page, or to their own website. It’s really simple, so here’s how you do it! 


Log in to your ScanMe account and click on “Scan Page”


From there click on the “Custom” tab and enter what you would like the “Custom Link” button to say, and the URL you would like it to link to. 

The text will appear on the custom button at the bottom of your scan page and will link to the URL you have entered. Easy! 

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Great Ways To Use ScanMe!

Once signed up to ScanMe you can use your QR Code in a variety of different ways; and as changing the information that is shown when your QR Code is so simple, a whole range of options are available to you. Here are some unique ways you can use your ScanMe QR code.

- Impress a girl/guy – What better way to give a potential date your contact details than by getting them to scan your ScanMe code? Link your ScanMe barcode to your Facebook profile, your email address or even your phone number and put away the pen and paper!

- Make new friends – Met up with some really good people at a gig or in a bar? Simply get them to scan your ScanMe code and they can follow you on Twitter, connect with you on Facebook or grab your phone number quickly and easily.

- Bag new business customers – You are at a networking meeting, where everyone is giving out business cards; what better way to make yourself memorable than by getting your new contacts to scan your ScanMe barcode rather than giving them a piece of card? Simply make sure your business website, email address & LinkedIn profile are active and away you go!

- Get a new job! – A QR Code is a great way to grab the attention of a potential employer. Especially if you work in IT or digital media, including your ScanMe Code on your CV will show that you are aware of technological advances and bang up to date where the future of social networking is heading! 

We’d love to hear how you are using ScanMe - leave us a comment or tell us on our Facebook Page or Twitter

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What Information Can Be Shared Through A QR Code?

QR Codes can hold a great amount of information – and can direct the person who scans the code to nearly any website the code owner chooses. And whilst some QR Codes can be limiting, only ever being able to link to one website, ScanMe QR Codes are designed with our users in mind; meaning that the user can change the information displayed when the code is scanned nearly instantaneously.

ScanMe QR Codes vary from many other codes that are available; we give our users a unique control panel that enables them to choose which social media profiles are available to the scanner, and even which website their Scan Page links to.

By using a ScanMe QR Code it is possible to turn on your Facebook profile in a bar, LinkedIn profile at a conference and ensure that your blog or personal website is available at all times! All your connections then need to do is scan your ScanMe code with their smartphone and choose to connect with you; and all you need to do is decide whether or not to accept their connections requests!

ScanMe QR Codes give you complete control; control over what people see when they scan your code, and then control over whom you connect with on your social media profile. For complete flexibility and control over your QR Code, you should always choose 

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How To: Use ScanMe To Connect With People Online

ScanMe QR codes are the perfect way to connect the people you meet in the real world to your social media profiles. Whether you are at a business conference and want to make connections to your LinkedIn account, or on a night out and wanting to link up on Facebook, a ScanMe QR code is the easiest way to make these connections.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have your ScanMe code - you can get this quickly and easily by visiting and signing up through your Facebook profile. This will take a couple of minutes and is absolutely free! Once you have created your ScanMe code you can save the image to your phone, have it printed on a cool t-shirt or business card, or think of another imaginative way to use it - if you do this be sure to let us know!

Now you have your code available all you need to do to connect the people you meet in the real world to your social media profiles is make sure the person you want to connect with has a QR reader on their phone (these are readily available for free through the links on the ScanMe homepage) and then get them to scan your QR code.

This will take them directly to your Scan page where they can instantly connect to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other website you choose. All in the click of a button! The great thing about your ScanMe code is the ability you have to easily change where your QR code links to; meaning you can change whether you want people to connect to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile with the flick of a switch.

Make sure you stay connected to the people you meet, by getting your unique ScanMe code, today!

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How You Can Use a QR Code!

QR codes are being used an increasing  amount by marketing and advertising agencies, so people are becoming more and more aware of what QR codes are and how they are used. But how can QR codes be used by the rest of us?

QR codes, or quick response codes, are seen as irrelevant for most people, but with the right knowledge there are many ways that QR codes can be used and introduced in to every day life to enable people to connect and share information easier than ever before. 

Here are some ideas of how you can use QR Codes: 

- Social Media - Using QR codes either as your social media avatar, or profile picture, is a great way to use a QR code. As you can direct and control where your QR codes link to, this is an innovative way to promote your business, direct people to your website or encourage your connections to connect with you elsewhere online. This is a quirky and interesting way to stand out from the crowd!

- Connect Cards - Whether you are in business or meeting people socially, connect cards (or business cards) with your QR code printed on to them, are an ideal way to make instant online connections with the people you meet in the real world.

- Interactive fashion - It is possible to use what you wear to enable people to connect with you on social media, to get your phone number, or to contact you via email. Interactive fashion in the form of items such as t-shirts with your personal QR code embedded in the design, mean that if you meet someone you want to make a connection with, then you can do so simply by them scanning your tee!

- Swap details - QR codes are the ideal way to swap connection details with people that you meet. Whether you want to exchange email addresses, social media details, phone numbers or website addresses, a QR code will allow you to do so with a simple scan.

No matter what you do, or where you go, QR Codes allow you to make instant social connections with the people you meet. No more scraps of paper, lost phone numbers or trawling through search results to find your contacts. QR codes make forming relationships easier than ever before - get yours today, for free! 

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How To: Create A QR Code

ScanMe makes it as easy as possible for you to create a QR Code. Creating a QR code with ScanMe is quick, easy and most of all… free! Once you have your ScanMe QR Code you can use it to make social connections, impress your colleagues or direct more traffic to your website. It’s easy! 

Step One: 

Create a QR Code with ScanMe

Step Two: 

Create a QR Code with ScanMe

Step Three: 

How to create a QR Code

Step Four: 

How to create a QR Code

And now you have your very own ScanMe QR Code! It really is that easy - So why not get your QR Code today

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